Time just slips…

Do you ever feel like time is just passing by and you have no way of ever feeling caught up or reaching your goals and or dreams? I know sometimes I do especially since COVID hit.

I was fortunate enough to have my job continue on and be able to work from home. Since working from home and having to be at home all the time it’s definitely been an adjustment. My safe place is now also my stressful place. So I went through stages of I can get through this to this is very depressing. Emotions are I’m sure all over the place for so many people, I can’t imagine adding to many other factors of marriages and children into the equation. So on top of me being a Business Analyst which I love dearly since I came into the profession, I’m also a small business owner. So running the first business with a co-owner and starting a new business is hard!

It’s like during the day I’m working on my full time job, trying to perfect my craft, coming up with new ideas and strategies on lunches, breaks and all hours of the night. Putting in orders, inquiries, studies and practice. It’s like can I just get 5 more hours added to each day lol. I know to be where I want I just have to keep fighting, and probably work better on my time management and prioritizing my activities when I get off work so I’m not over exhausting myself all the time. I’m always multitasking. If I’m not sometimes I feel a little lost like something is missing or has been forgotten. It’s crazy how that happens.

I don’t see how some people have full days, can still cook and clean, exercise, have their water intake up, flawless skin and still get good sleep without any burn out! Like how is that possible? Or is it unrealistic and I’m just seeing it from the outside and not what is… sometimes it feels like things are kind of back to normal and that anxiety kicks in but that’s where I push and I fight! What’s successful without a little mud and dirt on the road ♥️

The Beginner

So I’ve grown up always loving art, and the human body. Growing up now into adulthood society has changed so much and it’s all about the woman’s body and having a certain shape in order to be beautiful! A friend and I started a lingerie business! We want to be able to make all women of all shapes and sizes not only smile but feel beautiful and confident about themselves. ❤️

But I didn’t want to stop there I want to help women see that we are beautiful, we are magical and no one can take that away from us! Boudoir is a route I decided to dive into and I am excited about this journey and where it’s going to take me! I’m excited about the women I am going to meet along the way!

I plan on blogging about my journey in life and my businesses! I hope you all come along this ride with me 🥰